Hardwood Flooring Lexington KY

With a gorgeous hardwood floor as your foundation, you may construct a wide range of hardwood styles. There are hardwood flooring alternatives for every home, including modern, contemporary, rustic, and traditional.

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Hardwood Flooring lexington ky

Hardwood Flooring Lexington KY

Hardwood Flooring Lexington KY

So you have decided on hardwood as your flooring option. That is excellent. Because hardwood is expensive, it is not always simple. The straightforward decision-making process, however, is not complete. You must now select a hardwood species as well as a finish. Hardwood Flooring Lexington KY explains that this article comes in, at least in terms of determining which sort of hardwood flooring to purchase.

Engineered Hardwood Flooring
This one is made up of many layers of wood that have been crushed together. On top of this core layer, as well as on the bottom, is a layer of genuine hardwood. Engineered hardwood flooring is less vulnerable to moisture damage due to its multi-ply design. As humidity levels change, the wood can expand and shrink without causing damage. Wood Floor KY notes that the versatility of engineered hardwood flooring is also a plus. It can be used in both basements and upper-story floors. It can even be installed over a concrete subfloor or a radiant heating system without causing any problems. The price of this sort of hardwood flooring is also a plus. It has to be less expensive than solid hardwood.

The disadvantages of engineered hardwood include the inability to sand and refinish it, the fact that it is not as sturdy and long-lasting, and the fact that it doesn't provide as much market value to your property.

Species of Wood

Hardwood Flooring Installation KY notes that hardwood flooring comprises dozens upon dozens of different wood species. Yet, instead of manifesting those to you all, we have selected excellent hardwood for you.
Oak is a popular hardwood flooring species because of its classic excellent looks and old-fashioned warmth. In traditional design homes, oak hardwood flooring is a terrific choice. It looks great with a variety of furniture and decor. Red oak and white oak are the two main types of oak hardwood flooring. The color difference is the most significant distinction between the two.

White Oak
The color of white oak is a light brown. It is frequently pink or gray.

Oak (Red)
Red oak is a lot lighter than white oak. The neutral color has a reddish tint to it.

Both species of oak have a hardness rating in the middle of the range. Despite its ability to withstand substantial impacts, oak is susceptible to scrape. To avoid damage to heavy furniture, use furniture pads. Oak is a mid-priced hardwood flooring option.

One of the unique forms of hardwood flooring is maple. It is known for its distinctive grain pattern, which distinguishes it from other hardwoods. It also appeals to the masses due to its light hue and consistent texture. The durability of maple hardwood flooring is another advantage. It is simply one of the toughest hardwoods on the market. It is not readily scratched or scuffed. It is even known for its ability to withstand strong hits. Maple hardwood flooring is a beautiful choice for families with children or pets because of its overall durability. To keep in peak shape, it does not even require much routine care.

In finality, Hardwood Flooring Lexington KY mentions that because maple takes stains so well, it is frequently stained heavily to imitate other species. However, ensuring a proper seal is critical. If not, the stain will most likely appear blotchy. Maple is a low-cost hardwood flooring option.

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