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Lexington KY Flooring

Lexington KY Flooring

Lexington KY Flooring

For a multitude of reasons, hardwood flooring remains the most popular in houses. It is elegant and timeless, and unlike other types of flooring, it can be restored to last a lifetime. So, now that you have decided to install hardwood floors in your home, what kind of hardwood will you select? Lexington KY Flooring will share with you the handpicked flooring types selected to be the favorites among our customers.

Cherry floors are slightly less durable than Brazilian cherry floors, but they provide beauty to whatever space they are installed. It has a pink color when first put, which deepens in color over time. Cherry floors scratch more quickly than other hardwoods, but they can endure a long time with proper maintenance and refinishing.

Oak is one of the most popular hardwood floor finishes. It has a timeless appeal and is quite durable. Oak looks fantastic in every home since it comes in a range of colors. It is also a terrific alternative for homeowners who are not huge on area rugs due to its durability.

Pine is not precisely a hardwood, despite popular belief. Pine is a softwood that has a distinctive appearance. That doesn't make it "soft," but it does make it more prone to dings and dents. Many people say that pine improves with age and that its rustic nature gives it a look that is reminiscent of the South.

One of the most popular hardwood flooring options is maple. The grain pattern of maple is pretty delicate and works well in both large and small rooms. It's also very tough, making it ideal for high-traffic locations. Because maple is less porous than other varieties of wood, it may not be the best choice if you need a highly specific stain.

Walnut hardwood flooring comes in a variety of species. The flooring has a dark, oriental appearance that is adaptable and looks fantastic in various settings. It is exceptionally hard, making it one of the most durable hardwoods available, ideal for high-traffic areas with children and pets.

Lyptus flooring is less prevalent than other wood flooring options, but it warms rooms and is suitable for small and big spaces. Because of its unique appearance, lyptus is popular among designers. These floorings are extraordinarily long-lasting and cost-effective.

In finality, Lexington KY Flooring states that there is not a negative choice for hardwood flooring in your home. Take your lifestyle into account, but hardwood flooring has been shown to add value to any home and increase its market value. Everything is under one roof, including all hardwood flooring options and experienced teams of installers that can install your floors.

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