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lexington Laminate Flooring

Lexington KY Laminate Flooring


Laminate Wood Floorings KY are photographic applique layers printed over fiberboards gaining popularity through the years for floor designs not only because of aesthetic characteristics but also because of its budget-friendly cost.  Lexington laminate floorings come with various designs mimicking different types of wood species like oak, acacia, hickory, walnut, and pine, among others. Although these laminate floorings are considered economical alternatives for actual wood, they are pleasing and resonate with a vivid and realistic wood appearance that will surely give anyone a certain rustic feeling upon seeing such a design layout. These characteristics of laminate floorings make it very suitable not only for interior designers but also for DIY homeowners.

Lexington laminate floorings are also lightweight and can be clicked or snapped together for easier installation over most types of flooring, except maybe for carpeted ones. These laminate wood floorings are placed and glued over a foam or film underlayment preventing the bottom layer from being damaged by moisture in addition to it, acting as a sound-proofing material. Meanwhile, the surface of the laminate floorings uses a transparent and tough protective layer which makes it resistant to scratches, cuts, or grazes. Having these features, replacing these would not be a problem, but these floorings cannot usually be sanded down or refinished like regular wood.

Like any material, laminate floorings have their limitations, like the usual wear and tear. Initially, these laminate floorings were unintended to be used or installed over laundry rooms and rooms with pumps or floor drains, as they are still susceptible to moisture damage. However, because of continuous innovation, manufacturers are able to improve the quality of laminate floorings by adjusting the material components in manufacturing fiberboards to produce waterproof laminate floorings or water-resistant laminate floorings. To differentiate, waterproof means that water cannot penetrate, while water-resistant means that the outer surface is highly resistant to water or moisture. As a result of this innovation, water will no longer penetrate Lexington laminate floorings even for a long time and can now be in places like laundry rooms or even bathrooms.  

It is also easy to maintain the appeal of Lexington laminate floorings. Since the outerwear layer of these floorings has a tough exterior and transparent cover, occasional sweeping will help keep the surface free from any scratches. Notably, it is necessary to keep these laminate floorings clean and free from small particles like dust and dirt because these can cause the surface layer to wear out commonly in places where there are plenty of movements. The use of adhesive felt pads may help prevent abusive scratches when placed over the bottom of furniture.

Besides keeping it free from small dust or even dirt, it is also necessary to keep the surface of these floorings dry. Although Lexington laminate floorings have waterproof and water-resistant features, simple mopping from time to time will help maintain its lustrous appealing appearance.

Accessible and Budget-Friendly Lexington Laminate Floorings

Overall, Lexington laminate floorings are not only aesthetically appealing to anyone but are also suitable for any kind of flooring already present in the home or office. Its snap-together feature, various design choices, low maintenance cleaning, and durability will surely fit whatever vibe the designer or homeowner has conceptualized in mind. Accessibility to these materials and their budget-friendly cost are other features that surely entice designers and homeowners alike in refurbishing or beautifying a specific room or portion of the house or office to one's liking.

If one considers using solid wood for any floor design but has a limited budget or is more adept in the benefits that laminate floorings offer, laminate wood floorings KY would be the best solution for your home improvement needs.

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Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 9AM - 6PM
Address: 2041 Creative Dr Ste 100, Lexington, KY, USA