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Tile Flooring Lexington

Tile Flooring Lexington KY

Tile Flooring Lexington

Tile is a challenging and beautiful flooring option that homeowners would like for their house. This is perfect for places with heavy traffic and rooms that take up dirt, humidity, or moisture. Some tile floors are a good combination for cold feet when you have heated floors. Tiles floors will surely last for a long time. Ensure to rely on Tile Flooring Lexington for installations and repairs, and we get the job done right the first time.

The installation requires the proper subfloor preparation to ward off water damage and have a long-lasting floor for the installation to go smoothly. We always make sure we have suitable materials for the installation. For slate tiles, we make sure the floor is strong enough to handle the installation process.

Where are Ceramic tiles best used?

Ceramic tiles are ideal for places that take up a lot of moisture; your bathroom or shower stall is the perfect place. They don’t absorb water, so it is easy to clean. The kitchen is also an excellent place to have tiles ideal for your backsplash. Ceramic tiles that are treated are also intended for outdoor uses. Regardless of ceramic tiles, Ceramic Tile Flooring Lexington can give you premium products followed by a solid warranty.

Porcelain tiles

When it comes to durability and water resistance, porcelain is more preferable to ceramic tiles. This floor type can duplicate the appearance of the different flooring options in the market. So if you want to have the look of hardwood in your bathroom, it’s not a problem for porcelain tiles. You can mix and match your designs without sacrificing your floors.  Porcelain Tile Lexington provides terrific designs and patterns to your floors.  

Why get tile floors?

Tiles are known for their low maintenance and durability, but homeowners are not aware of plenty of benefits.

Sustainaibale materials  

The good thing about tiles is they don’t run out. They are eco-friendly materials made from clay. Because of technology, quarrying for tiles has become safer and minimizes harm on the environment. Tiles can also be recycled, making them more sustainable.

Can handle moisture

Wood, carpet, and linoleum obviously can’t handle moisture. Although laminate flooring is a viable choice for bathrooms, prolonged exposure to water can lead to warping. Tiles are porous as any other stone material, but they thrive in moist environments. When they get wet, they don’t degrade. This is why tiles are preferred in the kitchen and bathroom, where spills are a common occurrence.

Healthy flooring choice

Carpets harbor dirt and dust over time and are a nightmare to clean. Laminate floors are easy to maintain but are made from materials with VOC ( Volatile Organic Compounds ) that are harmful to your indoor air. If one of your family members has asthma, it’s recommended to purify your indoor air. Tiles can help in this situation, and you can just clean your sweep the dirt or dust off your floor. Plus, they don’t emit harmful chemicals, unlike their flooring counterparts.

It offers a unique look.

Tiles can be cut into any shape or form of your choosing for a unique look. Tiles can also mimic other flooring options giving it a unique spin to floors. Placing a tile can have an effect because each design and color is fantastic.

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Now that you can distinguish ceramic and porcelain, it’s up to you to use them effectively. Knowing their PROS and CONS will help you determine which flooring option is ideal for your home. Due to the complexity of tiles, professionals are needed in this kind of situation. If you want to experience the beautiful benefits of tiles, call Tile Flooring Lexington.

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